Plate Freezer

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Plate Freezer

Plate Freezer

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Thien Phuc Refrigeration Co., Ltd specializes in providing frozen contact freezers, specialized for freezing foods and seafood placed in a block. Improved contact freezer ensures fast freezing time, uniform frozen product quality between floors. Meet the freezing capacity according to customer requirements.

Product Features:

Designed to fit any installation space, easy to move.

Cabinet made of stainless steel, insulated with Foam PU.

Various refrigerants: Freon, Ammonia or CO2.

Heat exchanger plate made of anti-corrosion aluminum, 25mm thick for long life and good heat exchange. With automatic welding technology, low distortion.

Use flexible stainless steel coupling, flange or threaded connection.

Model: TPC-1.2E

Available dimension of plate: 2170x1250mm

Available laying area of plate: 2.71m2

Material of plates: Aluminum alloy

No. of plates: 13

No. of available layers: 12

Total laying area: 33.55m2

Distance between 2 layers: 40 – 85mm (adjustable)

Layout dimension: L3460xW1900xH2990mm

Defrost system: Ambient water defrosts

Cabinet material: stainless steel

Insulation of cabinet (PU): 125mm

Doors of cabinet: both sides

Refrigerant: R507A

Liquid supply: Expansion valves

Installed power: 1.5kw

Power supply: 3P-380V/50Hz

Capacity for shrimp block: 2kg/block x 3 in one tray = 6kg/tray.14 trays per layer, 14 trays x 12 layers = 168 trays. 168 x 6kg/tray = 1008kg/batch.

Capacity for Surimi block: 10kg/tray x 10 trays/layer = 100kg/layer

100kg x 12 layers = 1200kg/batch