Flake Ice Evaporator

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Flake Ice Evaporator

Flake Ice Evaporator

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Product Features:

In design and development, the internal structure is paid with special altention so as to improve the heat conduction efficiency of the inner wall of evaporator and keep the loop unblocked with special technology.

The intermally – scraping mode has been adopted. Under this mode, ice blades scrape ice on inner wall while the evaporator itself doesn’t move. It reduces loss of energy as much as possible, guarantees supply of cooling agent as well as probability leakage.

Special material.

In tems of material, a special of kind of imported alloy is adopted. Its heat conduction performance is superior and conforms with international standards for refrigeration pressure containers.

Special processing.

We have special researched and developed a set of technology of welding, surface trealment and stress elimination. It is realized by the advanced equipments of welding, heat treatment and stress.

Water return system.

The water flowing down the inner wall of evaporator flows into the water trough through the water pan at the bottom of evaporator and then into the water tank. The large – area design and structure of water reception pan ensure that no water leaks from the bottom of ice flaker and avoid lumped ice flakes.