RefComp-SRC-S Series

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RefComp-SRC-S Series

RefComp-SRC-S Series

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RefComp SRC- S Series include 18 models, applicable in the refrigeration conditions of medium and high evaporatingtemperatures. SRC- S compressors are characterized by embedded oil separator, compact design, easy installation, lownoise, high efficiency, etc.. They can be best configured in line with various applications and conditions, e.g.full- flooded normaltemperature/high- temperature heat pump and water chiller.

Asymmetric screw rotor designed by RefComp, lobe ratio5/6, excellent lubrication, perfect meshing between teeth,smooth and quiet operation of the compressor.
Small size, filter, cut- off valve, and temperature sensorare integrated into the compressor body. Optimizeddesign, less space required.
Motor protection module provides reliable protectionagainst motor overheating, phase reversal and phaseloss.
Real-time tracking provides the operation status of themotor and system.

●Multiple duplex bearings is able to avoid rotor axial / radial wear, resulting in high load and low noise.
●Embedded oil separator.
●Multi- step separation, oil efficiency as high as 99.85%.
●Embedded 100μm high-density suction filter, easy toreplace.
●Unique structure and space design, using the subcooledrefrigerant gas between suction shut- off valve and theinlet side of the screw to effectively cool down the motor.
●Suction/discharge shut- off valves are able to reverse360° , which are easily installed with flexibility.
●Embedded safety valve: high specification design, safeand reliable.