Screw delivery

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Screw delivery

Screw delivery

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  • Technical specifications
  • The ice delivery screw is composed of U shape or circular shell, screw blade, reducer driving mechanism etc.
  • It is particularly suitable to short distance ice delivery application, or few ice using point application.
  • Ice delivery screw transports the ice by screw blade, not suit for long delivery distance.
  • The normal inclination angle for ice delivery screw is less than 30 degrees, specially-made ice delivery screw can make the inclination angle up to 45 degrees.
  • The inlet of ice delivery screw is mounted with detection device, it can effectively prevent blockage during ice delivery.
  • The screw shell and screw blade are made of galvanized steel or stainless steel with thermal insulation on surface.
  • The specially-designed ice delivery screw can deliver the tube ice and plate ice, less loss and no blockage inside.