Bringing new technology into the offshore mining industry

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With the motto "Improve the difference", an enterprise operating in the field of industrial refrigeration has affirmed its efforts to transfer technology to serve life. Many applications and projects have been successfully implemented in the construction and fisheries industries, especially in the application of new technologies for offshore fishing.

Pursuit of passion

Thien Phuc Refrigeration Company Limited (HCMC) is a supplier and consultant for all products in the field of industrial refrigeration. In particular, refrigeration equipment for the construction industry and equipment for the fishing industry are considered strengths of the enterprise with many practical applications and projects. In particular, the application of new technology to improve the quality of fishery products of fishermen as well as improve the efficiency of the offshore fishing industry is the "heart" that Thien Phuc has pursued for many years.

According to Mr. Nguyen Khac Loi (Deputy Director of Thien Phuc Company), more than two years of surveying and "tasting" the reality shows that fishermen fishing in the seas still face many difficulties and limitations in equipment. , technology for catching and preserving products after catching, leading to unsafe seafood quality, reducing economic efficiency. Therefore, Thien Phuc was determined to "pursue" and successfully put into application the technology of producing flake ice on ships, using it directly from sea water, serving offshore fishing vessels.

With the traditional method, fishermen who want to preserve their catch often use rock from the mainland. This method has limitations such as not ensuring the coldness to preserve products, because the temperature of the ice is only about 20C, leading to reduced seafood quality and easy infection from ice. Moreover, with traditional ice, before each trip, fishermen have to spend time and effort to load and unload tons of ice onto the ship, the transportation process also increases the ship's load and consumes a lot of fuel.

New technology for producing flake ice on boats can overcome the above limitations, help fishermen take the initiative in time, save costs for catching and preserving seafood products, and improve economic efficiency. offshore fishing industry. The shipboard flake ice machine has outstanding features such as: producing ice from sea water, with a thickness of 2.5 mm, dry and powder-free, ice temperature -80C, suitable for cold storage in the marina fish on board; the machine can use the ship's energy to create ice within 3-5 minutes, the control system is fully automatic, no need for regular maintenance, minimizing labor costs; The machine is compact, does not take up space on the ship, and is easy to operate.

Flake ice machine helps fishermen to actively produce ice on board with a capacity from 1 ton to 5 tons/day. Flake ice is produced directly from sea water, cooling quickly, in contact with the whole body of the fish, thus keeping the quality of fish fresher than traditional ice. At the same time, the stone is porous, easy to load and unload, does not stick during use, does not have sharp edges like crushed stone, so it reduces the loss of fish, hunting fish meat, and does not seep back inside. As a result, when using this technology, fish can be sold at a higher price.

Thien Phuc has installed about 10 flake ice machines on offshore fishing boats for fishermen in the provinces from Binh Thuan to Da Nang. Currently continuing to deploy to fishermen in Kien Giang and Ca Mau. Through practical application, the flake ice machine is completely suitable for the conditions of offshore fishing vessels such as gill nets, seine vessels or logistics service ships, etc. This fishing trend is being selected. and supported because it is sustainable for the environment and marine resources. However, according to Mr. Loi, flake ice technology is still quite new to offshore fishing; most of the fishermen have difficulty in investment capital, and their technological knowledge is still limited. These are difficulties that require businesses to make step-by-step efforts and pursue to the end to be able to put technology into widespread application.

Exploit well the support policies of the state

For new technology to be widely known, it is necessary to form a positive link between businesses, local departments (Department of Science and Technology, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development) and fishermen. . As one of the members participating in Techmart Daily, Mr. Nguyen Khac Loi said that Techmart Daily's consulting and information provision activities form a channel to connect and promote necessary information for businesses. Thereby, businesses have more opportunities to approach customers, where there is a need to apply new technology. Through this prestigious contact channel, it is possible to have a good impact on people's perception of the role and benefits of applying new technology, and at the same time, people have a reliable basis to choose the right technology.

On the other hand, grasping the support policies of the State will help promote the technology transfer activities of enterprises more strongly. Specifically, the process of transferring flake ice technology applied on offshore fishing boats has advantages thanks to Decree No. 67/2014/ND-CP of the Government on fisheries development policy: one of the contents The content of this Decree encourages and supports capital for fishermen to invest in technological innovation for offshore fishing. This creates favorable conditions for businesses to transfer technology and people have the opportunity to use more modern machinery and equipment.

Affirming position in the refrigeration industry

With more than 10 years of development, Thien Phuc has affirmed its position in the refrigeration industry in Vietnam, is now the official distributor of Snowkey, providing high quality industrial refrigeration equipment products. quantity. The products have been put into application by Thien Phuc and bring many advantages such as: flake ice production machine (preserving food, making artificial ice and snow, keeping food fresh in supermarkets,...); container ice production system; shrimp processing conveyor belt; super-fast freezing conveyor belt; water cooling system; evaporative condenser; Refrigeration compressor (intelligent, energy-saving, environmentally friendly refrigeration system, widely applied in cold storage, food freezing, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry)…

A series of applied technology transfer projects across the country have been implemented by Thien Phuc, with many economic contracts of great value. Typical partners in the food industry include: Southern Seafood Industry Company Limited, Binh An Seafood Joint Stock Company, Cau Tre Export Processing Joint Stock Company, 404 Seafood Company Limited; The construction industry is Song Da Corporation, Construction Joint Stock Company 47, IDICO Hydroelectricity Construction Company, Mechanical and Construction Joint Stock Company No. 9, Industrial Machines and Tools Sub-Institute,... The construction process of applying cold technology to help balance the heat for concrete blocks, thereby shortening the construction time and ensuring the quality of the works has been implemented by Thien Phuc such as: Dak Mi 4 Hydropower Plant (Quang Nam Province). ), clear water reservoir (Quang Ngai), Trung Son Hydroelectricity (Thanh Hoa), Van Phong Irrigation (Binh Dinh),...

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