Pneumatic Ice Delivery System

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Pneumatic Ice Delivery System

Pneumatic Ice Delivery System

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  • Pneumatic ice delivery system is the effective solution for the delivery of the ice with a long distance and a large amount.
  • Pneumatic ice delivery system is module designed, easily for on site installation and movement, and also can deliver ice to different points.
  • Pneumatic ice delivery system basically include the below components: air blower, air cooling system, rotary valve, shunt valve, ice delivery pipeline and control system etc.
  • The maximum delivery distance can reach 200 meters and the maximum delivery height can reach 25meters.
  • Option for manual or automatic shunt valve for multiple-points delivering ice.
  • For having wind speed limit application, it can add the cyclone separator to the system.
  • For long-distance delivering ice, it can add the air cooling system to make the inner air temperature keeping at low temperature to facilitate ice delivery.
  • Delivery Capacity:  6tons/hr – 45tons/hr.