Containerized Water Chiller ICW240 (10T/H)

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Containerized Water Chiller ICW240 (10T/H)

Containerized Water Chiller ICW240 (10T/H)

  • Products Information
  • Technical specifications

Application fields:

  • Industrial equipment cooling
  • Agricultural products processing
  • Concrete cooling

Product Features:

  • ISO standard 40HQ container, easy to move
  • Special refrigeration system and electric system design, ensure stable running in atrocious working condition
  • Using world famous brand fittings, ensure the equipment in high quality and easy to do the maintenance
  • The water line has three cooling stage control, ensure energy-saving running. Each stage controls the water out temperature automatically, the final water out temperature can reach 0.5℃
  • Having water return mode, when water temperature inside the storage water tank is high, the water chiller will start up automatically to chill down the water to setting low temperature.
  • The products specification model is complete to fulfill the deferent application fields.
  • Modular design, ensure the water chiller working high effectively and lower energy consumption.

Service condition:
Power supply: standard international universal power supply
Standard working condition: water in temperature 28℃, ambient temperature 35℃
Refrigeration: R507A
Performance parameters:
Daily capacity:240T/d
Cold water flow:10m³/hr
Water out temperature:≦1℃
Necessary refrigeration capacity:519.2kW
Water precooling load:105kW
Installed refrigeration capacity:621.3kW
Container specification:40ft
Suggested water tank volume:80m³

(Above parameters may change due to technical innovation.)